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3rd km Paleokastritsa, Corfu, Greece

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HomeStories : Crafting Dreams into Reality

Welcome to the Roula Rouva Group of Companies!

HomeStories and Compass Engineering & Development Solutions are integral parts of the Roula Rouva Group.

HomeStories, a dynamic team of skilled engineers, architects, topographers, and designers, serves as the creative force that collaborates directly with clients to transform their dream homes into tangible realities. We specialize in the initial design phases, working closely with individuals to shape their ideas and aspirations.

Collaboration with Compass Engineering & Development Solutions

While HomeStories is dedicated to client interaction and the creative design process, Compass Engineering & Development Solutions takes charge during the construction phase. As expert builders, they assume control with project managers and client support service teams, turning envisioned designs into tangible realities.

HomeStories and Compass Engineering & Development Solutions are integral parts of the Roula Rouva Group.

– Design Development: From conceptualization to detailed construction and manufacturing plans.

– Environmental Solutions: We investigate eco-friendly alternatives to minimize construction’s impact on the environment.

– Buildability Advisory: We offer insights on construction feasibility, sequencing, and potential risks.

Cost Planning: We develop accurate cost plans for transparency and informed decision-making.

– Documentation for Approvals: We produce and issue all necessary documentation for obtaining Building Permits.

– Regulatory Compliance: We ensure project compliance with planning regulations for a successful sign-off upon completion.

Topographic Survey: We provide essential land survey services.

Property Legalization: We assist in legalizing properties through engineering services.

Technical Reports: We offer detailed technical assessments.

Energy Certificates: We provide certifications for energy efficiency.

Building Registration: We facilitate the registration process for new constructions.

Together, We Create End-to-End Solutions

These two entities, HomeStories and Compass Engineering & Development Solutions, work seamlessly within the Roula Rouva Group of Companies, offering a holistic solution for individuals aspiring to realize their dream homes. Our collaborative approach ensures the delivery of quality, comfort, and safety across the stunning islands of Corfu and Paxos.

At Roula Rouva Group, we recognize that reaching a certain point in life demands more. Expect the highest level of service as we are committed to turning your expectations and dreams into reality.


3rd km Paleokastritsa, Corfu, Greece