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3rd km Paleokastritsa, Corfu, Greece

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About Us: Welcome to the Roula Rouva Group of Companies!

Roula Rouva Real Estate was established in 2003 and has been dedicated to serving clients in the field of real estate. As we grew and gained expertise, we recognized the importance of providing comprehensive “after-sale services” to fulfill our clients’ desires for crafting their dream homes on their newly acquired land.

Thus, Compass Engineering & Development Solutions and Home Stories were born. The teams of these two departments comprise a talented group of experienced professionals.

HomeStories is a team that includes engineers, architects, topographers, and designers—people with whom you will create your dream property.

Compass Engineering & Development Solutions will build this dream property with the direction of its project managers and client support service teams.

Together, these two entities work harmoniously within the Roula Rouva Group, offering a comprehensive solution for those seeking to realize their dream homes. Our collaborative approach allows us to provide end-to-end services, delivering quality, comfort, and safety across the beautiful islands of Corfu and Paxos.


When we reach a certain point in our life, we desire more!

Quality, comfort, and safety are top priorities, especially when it comes to where we and our beloved ones will live. We can only expect the best possible service! We are here to make your expectations and dreams come true.

Meet Our Creative Minds

The HomeStories Department is dedicated to crafting the architecture and design of your dreams. Our team of top-notch architects and designers will collaborate with you to create magic.

Christiana Rouva

CEO HomeStories

Martin Mather

Managing Director

Elena Floraki

Civil Engineer

Meet our Compass Engineering & Development Solutions who will be responsible for constructing your dream property under the guidance of our project manager.

Dimitris Kourkoulos has over 10 years’ experience in earthmoving works including plowing and landscaping, demolitions and road openings. He knows very well how to prepare your plot and make it safe, before we start building your dream home.

Dimitris Kourkoulos

CEO & Construction Manager Of Compass

Martin Mather

Managing Director
Spyros Petkos

Spyros Petkos

Project Manager Of Compass

Looking to start a renovation project or build your dream in Corfu or Paxos?

Our team at Compass Engineering and Development Solutions is here to help. We are passionate about transforming spaces and bringing our clients’ visions to life. Don’t let your dreams remain just a vision. Contact us today to get started on creating something truly remarkable.