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Building Permit

If you’re planning to construct a new building, renovate or alter an existing one, you’ll likely need to obtain a building permit from your local authorities. To do this, you’ll need to submit a set of studies that demonstrate compliance with local regulations.

These studies typically include architectural, structural, electrical/mechanical, water supply and drainage, thermal insulation, fire prevention plans, and archaeological studies. 

Here's a quick summary of the process obtaining building permits:

Once we have a coordinated design, it will be submitted for pre-approval to the local planning office.

At the same time, the local architectural committee will review the design.

Once the above stages are complete, the detailed studies will be carried out to produce a complete design, which then will be submitted to the local planning office for full building permit approval.

Once granted, which should take no more than 90 days, the full building permit will be valid for 4 years. 

1) Architectural

This study includes detailed drawings and specifications of the building’s layout, exterior and interior designs, finishes, and other architectural features.

2) Structural

The structural study outlines the building’s foundation, load-bearing walls, beams, and columns, as well as any other structural elements that support the building.

3) Electrical/Mechanical

This study covers the building’s electrical and mechanical systems, including lighting, HVAC, plumbing, and other utilities.

4) Water supply & Drainage

The water supply and drainage study describes the building’s water supply and wastewater disposal systems, including piping, fixtures, and drainage systems.

5) Thermal insulation

This study assesses the thermal insulation properties of the building and ensures that they meet local energy efficiency standards.

6) Fire prevention

This study describes the building’s fire prevention measures, including fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and other safety features.

7) Archaeological

Due to the history of the islands, all sites need to undergo an archaeological study.

At HomeStories & Compass Engineering and Development Solutions, we offer comprehensive studies for building permits to help you navigate the complex process of obtaining one. Our team of experienced architects and engineers can carefully ensure that your building plans meet all local regulations and requirements. 

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