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It really makes a lot of sense to build your own house or to have one built according to your own specifications. You can choose the location, the views and the exact layout of your home. You can build it to the size you require and include a pool, landscaped gardens, parking, or even extra bedrooms. These are what custom build homes in Corfu are and at Compass we offer our many years of experience and local knowledge to make the experience of buying land and having your own property built.

Our team of experts can manage the project from the initial consultation with you to the day you finally move into your property. If you wish, we can even offer more advice and extra services like property management after the property is completed to your satisfaction. Having your own property built to your specifications has many advantages, not least the fact that a close watch can be kept on the budget for the project. The payments for the building project can even be made in stages, as each stage is completed and inspected. This ensures that your money is spent wisely and that each stage of the building work is completed to European building standards.

Compass - Architecture Excavations – Earthmoving Works

Excavations – Earthmoving Works

Before any project starts, the landscape must be moved, graded, and made ready to architectural and engineering specifications. Our company […]

Compass - Architecture Surveys


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Compass - Architecture Legalisation Arrangement

Legalisation Arrangement

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Compass - Architecture Constructions


COMPASS Engineering & Development Solutions technical company combines functionality, quality and economy. We can manage: The supervision and construction of […]

Compass - Architecture Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

COMPASS Engineering & Development Solutions, by providing a wide range of specialized services and practical building management advice, enables clients […]

Compass - Architecture Project Management

Project Management

The challenge we face in the management of our projects is to ensure that the project is executed and delivered, […]

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