Project – Villa of Rosa



In a wonderful position, overlooking the sea, the construction of the historic Villa of Rosa, one of the oldest mansions located in the center of Corfu, has been designed and reminiscent of a palace. Villa Rosa is a building of historical importance of Corfu, interwoven completely with the Corfiot culture, marrying architectural elements of the Italian Romance and the British Mansion. The house isĀ  203.82 sqm. Externally the space will be shaped to offer to the owners all the magnificence and opulence that it is worth in such an architectural gem. The huge swimming pool and the atrium will be able to offer to the residents of the villa unique moments of relaxation and prosperity gazing the blue of the Ionian Sea. The design of the interior space of the villa has all the magnificence of the exterior. On the ground floor the reception area will be impressive and predispose the visitor for the rest. Following are the two large reception lounges, which one of them will have a fireplace, and of course the kitchen and dining area, all spacious spaces with access to the large outdoor terrace. Of course, there will be a bathroom for the guests. On the first floor there will be another living room and the master bedroom with its bathroom. The entire upper floor will have a veranda perimeter that will be covered to create corners with shade and coolness for moments of relaxation and enjoyment of the view offered by the house. The Villa also has an underground 141,41sqm. with 2 parking spaces 53.30sqm, large storage space, boiler room and auxiliary room.

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