Project – Eco House

Storey detached house


The design of this house is based on the modern architecture but not far from the tradition. The materials that will be used perfectly match the elements of nature since they are part of it. Wood and natural stone help to harmonize the home with the environment. The pool, next to the entrance of the house, with the specially designed space gives the owner the advantage to relax without having to move away. Opening the door, the visitor is in a bright and airy place, since the entrance ceiling is all glass, allowing nature to invade the space. On the left is the living room and the kitchen in an open space with fireplace and large openings overlooking the main element of the house, the swimming pool. To the right of the entrance there is the guest house and a bathroom as well as the staircase that leads to the floor where the main bedroom with its bathroom is located. Both of these bedrooms have large openings for endless views of nature.

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