House renovation project

Storey detached house


This project concerns the reconstruction and development of an old building.  Alongside the support that will be made in the building, there will be an extension at the back to create more spaces for the family. The stone walls will be covered to support the building and maintain its original form. Also, at the rear of the house, a small courtyard will be created and the front will be planted with trees and flowers and a wooden fence will be put along the perimeter. The railings on the balconies will be made of iron and glass in a modern fashion that will refer to the traditional style of the building. Internally, on the ground floor there will be the living room with a newly constructed fireplace, the wall will be lined with stone and in the kitchen, although small, there has been an effort to take advantage of the available space as best as possible for the creation of more storage. Below the staircase leading to the upper floor, a small guest bathroom will be created. The upstairs will feature the bedrooms and the main bathroom of the family. Both bedrooms have access to a balcony.

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